In Golf, the Follow-Through Counts

Balance is the unsung fundamental of the golf swing. Only when you are in balance can you hope to deliver the clubhead to the ball at high speeds consistently. One of the best ways to have good balance during the golf swing is to focus on a balanced follow-through.

I’ll assume you are balanced at address. That might be a large assumption, but I’m willing to make it. It’s how your swing ends up that is the best indicator. If you lose your balance somewhere in the swing, you’ll not get it back in time to be balanced at the end, nor when you’re actually hitting the ball.

The way you get out of balance most often is likely to be that you swing too hard. That throws you off balance in nothing flat. Let me tell you about the day I had to go the opposite extreme.

When I got to the golf course one morning, I got by clubs out of the car, but couldn’t find my golf shoes. I had left them at home. All I had on my feet were a pair of moccasins. It had rained the day before. The ground was wet, and because it was early, the grass was covered with dew.

By the third hole my socks were soaked, and by the fifth hole my moccasins were soaked. Slippery city. The only way I could swing a club and not fall down was to swing nice and easy, very much within myself.

This was an executive course, par 3s only, from 110 yards to 190 yards. Without the ability to yank the ball, my easy swing led me to a calm, balanced finish so I could watch beautiful ball flight. I have seldom had a better ball-striking day from start to finish.

We all think about hitting the ball hard so we can get distance. What’s more important is hitting the ball straight and doing that consistently. When you take your practice swing, concentrate on a balanced finish. When you make your swing at the ball, strive to get to that same balanced finish. Odds are your shots will be much better.


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