Concentrated golfing practice

There’s so much to practice in golf, and you need to do all of it at some time or another. But try this concentrated practice routine and see if it doesn’t pay off real soon in lower scores.

1. Hit range balls only with your driver and sand wedge. Go through your bucket in a six-shot pattern: hit five wedges, then one driver. That will tighten up your short game, and bring a controlled swing to a club that you just have to hit well to have a chance to score.

2. Go to the practice green, with one ball, and chip up to a hole and putt it out. Do this thirty times, hitting to a different setup every time. Maybe you don’t chip with a sand wedge all the time, but that’s OK. You’ll learn to get the ball close enough. You’ll learn to putt by making real putts: the back end of an up and down, which is golf’s major scoring skill.

I know there are a lot of shots and clubs this scheme doesn’t address, but it does address the important ones. The skills you learn here will carry over into the rest of it, believe me.


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