What I learned at the range – 9

1. Last fall, I developed a killer chipping method using primarily my wedges. It worked well through late spring. We’ve had a period of hot weather recently which dried out the courses in the area.

That chipping system had to be put on the shelf because the ball isn’t checking up on the firm greens. It’s back to my 6-iron for the garden variety greenside chips.

2. Also, greenside rough is behaving differently, so I found the solution by putting away my wedges and chipping out with a 24-degree hybrid iron. The ball comes off that club pretty hot, so it takes a bit of practice to learn how much touch to put on the ball.

3. I have a confession to make. I can miss really short putts. I would rather have a four-footer than a two-footer. For some reason, my mind’s eye doesn’t define the line to the hole on the short putts and they can go anywhere.

My solution? Line up the putt, close my eyes, and make a pendulum swing with my shoulders. Works like a charm.

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