How to Build a Repeating Golf Swing

Usually I start off my posts with a leader and then get to the good stuff. Today I’m going straight to the good stuff.

You have to know what you’re doing to polish your swing. Get lessons to learn the fine points that make your swing work. Those are your building blocks. There might be five or six of them. They will have an order of priority that makes sense.

Now you’re at the range with a ball in front of you. Take practice swings, concentrating on getting the first point right. When it is, keep taking practice swings, but concentrate only on the second point. When you’re satisfied, move onto the third point.

All along, you are adding on, not substituting. That is, when you start working on the second point, you’re still doing the first one, too. When you work on the third, you’re still doing the first two, and so on.

After you have progressed through all of your practice points, then you can hit that ball. It might take you a dozen practice swings to finally get to the ball, but they will have been practice swings with a purpose, and the shot you hit should be a pretty good one.

Then go through the same process again. After you have worked your way through hitting ten balls, you might be pretty worn out, but your swing should be in pretty good shape.

This is how you build a repeating golf swing. You practice one thing until it’s right, then add on the next one, building up a swing from scratch every time, doing everything right. This eliminates the random differences between swings that you get when you hit one ball with one swing, over and over again.

This is the golfing equivalent of an instrumentalist practicing scales, over and over, getting them right. Being deliberate about the things you know are right is the right way to practice, and is the fastest way to learning them.


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