The Driver and Parallax

I have a new golf tip idea, but since I’m not swinging a golf club these days, I need your help in seeing if it works. It concerns addressing the ball with a driver. Here is what I would like you to try.

1. Tee up the ball like you normally do for a drive.

2. Hover the clubhead directly behind the ball so the ball appears centered on the clubface.

3. Drop the club to the ground using your shoulders as the hinge. Do not make any changes to your posture, or the length of your arms, or adjust the position of the clubface on the ground. Just lower the club. It should look like you’re addressing the ball off the toe.

4. Swing away. If this works, you should hit the ball on the center of the clubface.

The reason I came up with this is that there is a parallax effect when you address a teed ball. If you address the ball in a centered way with the club on the ground, the clubface will actually be aligned in the air to hit the ball on the heel.

Because the ball is raised, you must add a second dimension to the address. Addressing the teed ball in this new way should correct for that. At least that’s my thinking.

It’s important when you try this not to make a compensation because it looks like you’re now addressing the ball off the toe of the club. Just swing, see what happens, and let me know. Ten shots should make a good trial.

Also, Make sure you just make a golf swing. Don’t try to bash the ball or steer the clubhead. Just swing.

Thank you for your help. Let me know how/if it works.


2 thoughts on “The Driver and Parallax”

  1. Thank you very much for this advice. Watching a tournament this past weekend I noticed players doing after their setup, and thought hey I should try that too. #3 is noted because I may not have hinged at my shoulders when practicing so I am thankful I found this column.

  2. Can’t thank you enough! Hard to believe that my driver issues were this simple. The parallax effect you describe was apparently causing me to hit the ball on the heel of the driver, resulting in a consistently terrible slice. Watching the pros drive, I wondered how they could set up for a drive as they do without hitting the ball off the toe of the driver – now I understand! Almost all of my drives are straight now and much longer. I am thinking that the same effect must be taken into account when hitting an iron off a tee, proportionate to the height at which the ball is teed up.

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