Can Hogan Sure-Out Wedges Be Used From the Fairway?

I like my golf clubs to multi-task. If I can only do one thing with it, then I’m not getting the most out of having it in my bag. For example, I hit my 7-iron ~150 yards from the fairway, I chip with it, and if I need 110 yards under the wind, a half-swing punch does the job.

My #2 hybrid gets played off the tee, from the fairway, and if I need to hit out from trees, a firm chipping stroke keeps the ball very low and sends it yards down the fairway.

So what about the Hogan Sure-Out? This club was designed by the Ben Hogan company to do one thing – get the ball out of a bunker, and it does that job very well. You have to work at it to keep the ball in the bunker, but it does more than that.

See all that metal at the bottom? This is a heavy club, and where you swing it, it will go. Think of being in deep grass, tall weeds, and the like. Think about what they would do to your flimsy gap wedge. They would grab it and yank it around leaving the ball in the weeds and you unwrapping your club. Not the Sure-Out. Every time I have been in this predicament I have used my Sure-Out and it was not denied. It cut through the weeds and got the ball back into the fairway easy as pie.

From the fairway, or just off the green, you have a 56-degree wedge that does not take a back seat to a traditional wedge. I pitch with this club from about 60-75 yards. It’s great around the green because the weight means I can make an easy stroke and get a firm hit.

So yes, you can use a Sure-Out from the fairway, and any other place you can imagine.

Getting back to multi-tasking, how about the driver? I haven’t figured out a good second shot to hit with it, and if any of you have suggestions, leave your comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Can Hogan Sure-Out Wedges Be Used From the Fairway?”

  1. Have you tried chipping with your driver? It’s… something. Try it out in a few different conditions, see what it does, and maybe you can come up with an idea of where it might have an application.

  2. A driver works great when you need to run a low running shot under very low hanging trees.. an intentional worm burner.

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