Knit Your Way To Better Putting

For the ball to go in the hole, you have to read the green to find the right line. Then you need a stroke that sends the ball off on the line you selected. Here’s an easy way to take care of number 2.

It involves knitting. The needles, not the yarn. The knitting needles that your wife or SigOth uses to make you sweaters are just the thing for building a secure stroke. A pair of number 6s will be just right.

You can do this at home, too. I tie one end of the string to the handle on the lowest drawer of my dresser, and the other end to the pole of a floor lamp. A tin can lid serves for a hole. Set up the same way, and play on.

Straight back, straight through. Very machine-like, very accurate. Spend a few minutes every week with your knitting needles. It will pay off.

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