Golf Swing Changes

Johnny Miller rankles quite a few viewers, but I find him to be entertaining and enlightening. He was especially enlightening on yesterday’s broadcast of the Shell Houston Open, talking about swing changes.

He said, with regard to the professionals who change this and that looking for something better, that swing changes could be the worst thing you can do.

He made a point of saying the same thing applies to amateurs, too. Instead of trying to find something better, stick with improving what you already have.

Continuing this thought, I am pretty sure that you have a good swing right now if you look for it. All you need do is chip off a few rough edges, refine the things you do right, and teach yourself how to keep it all on track.

You do the last part by swinging in slow motion over and over. Faults you could gloss over swinging at a normal pace will stand out clearly in the slower swing.

Once it works, stick with it and keep practicing the same way so you stay in that groove.

All those tips you read in golf magazines about how to hit the ball longer, or longer and straighter? Clip them out and give them to your friends. You’ll start winning more matches, guaranteed.

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