I Had a Playing Lesson Today

I’m a big fan of lessons. Sometimes I have a lesson to fix a swing problem, or to check my putting stroke, but mostly I have lessons to learn how to hit shots. Sometimes you can get that done around the practice green, but I needed a golf course for what I had to work on today. These are the shots I asked the pro to show me:

I worked on these shots:
– downhill lie in the fairway
– uphill lie in the fairway
– iron from the fairway when you’re in between clubs
– pitch and run from ~50 yards
– chipping on an uphill slope
– basic bunker shot (thrown in by the pro)

He showed me, they’re easy once you know the secret, and it’s stuff you’ll never figure out on your own.

I face at least one of these shots every round, and I decided it was time to find out how to hit them instead of me guessing how to hit them. After you have the basic skills down, I might think that playing lessons are all you need.

I had a playing lesson five years ago that I still benefit from. If you’ve never had one, give it a try. Make up a list of five or six shots you don’t really know how to hit, and have the pro take you on the course to show you how. You’ll be a better player instantly. I promise you.

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