Mid-Round Nutrition for Golfers

My pro, Howard Robertson of the Willow Lake Golf Center in Keizer, Oregon, writes a column in the local paper which appears every Sunday. last Sunday, he wrote about hydration and nutrition during a round of golf.

He mentioned this to me once during a lesson, that the touring pros are always experimenting for the right mix of snacking to keep their hydration and blood sugar levels at optimum levels throughout the round.

After all, you’re out there on your feet, in the heat, for four hours or more, and you need more than breakfast and a drink of water at the turn to keep yourself going.

He recommends sipping from a diluted sports drink on very tee and munching on an energy snack every three or four holes. I do, too. Take a good drink, too, not little sips. Research in the hiking industry shows that sipping frequently does not replace lost fluids as well as drinking several ounces of fluid at one time.

I take along the food and drink that I take when I go hiking the the Cascade Mountains. For hydration, I empty a package of Gatorade powder and a package of Crystal Light into a 48-oz water bottle. The food I carry is carry is trail mix–nuts, carbs, raisins, M&Ms–that can be digested quickly.

What you don’t want to eat is protein. It takes a long time to digest and its digestion is water-intensive. That’s why a hot dog at the break isn’t a good idea.

Sipping water as you go along should be evident, and the snack food? I mean, do you really need any encouragement to eat that stuff, and besides, you get a chance to schmooze with CartGirl if you buy it from her instead of bringing it with you.

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