A Few Thoughts on Playing Golf

Hit Your Approaches Pin-High
Most recreational golfers want to lower their score by making more pars. Forget pars. Go for birdies. That’s how you lower your score. How do you go for birdies? Hit your approaches pin-high. Always have enough club in your hands to get pin-high.

If you’re at the limit of the range for a certain club, take one more club, grip down, and swing away. On par 3s, take one more club than the yardage indicates. You’ll find yourself having a lot of 8- to 10-foot birdie putts that you never had before.

Take a Notebook To the Range
Did you go to the range today and work on a shot that had been troubling you? Did you figure out how to hit it? Did you write down what you did to make it work? No? Then you just wasted that practice session, because you won’t remember.

Bring a notebook and write down the winning formula as soon as you have figured it out. Even if you go back to that shot a half hour later, chances are great you have already forgotten what you did right.

Putting Tip
Keep your putter low on the follow-through. If you feel a pulling or stretching on your upper right arm as you follow through, you have kept your putter low.

Don’t ask why. Just try it.

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