Christmas Wishes

Another golfing year is coming to a close. My instructional book came out, and is selling slowly but steadily. The left-hander’s edition is doing even better.

I started out the season with a 10.2 handicap and saw that go up to 11.4, not the direction I intended, but my father died at the end of March and I didn’t have the emotional energy to devote myself to progressing. That weight is lifting, and I’m making great strides in all phases of the game, at least on the practice ground. So in 2010, single digits, here I come.

Since there is still one shopping day left, here are my suggestions for the golfer on your list, and that can include yourself:

Bridgestone Tour B330-RX golf balls. Expensive, but they stop on a dime around the green.

A new sand wedge and a new lob wedge. Or two. Square-grooved clubs cease being manufactured on January 1, so load up now.

Golf lessons–preferably putting lessons.

New golf shoes. The ones you’re wearing now have pretty much had it.

New golf shoe spikes. OK, your shoes still look good, but the spikes are worn down to the nub.

A wide-brimmed hat that actually does, instead of pretending to, keep the sun off your face and neck.

A new driver. Just kidding. You really don’t need this. Learn to get the one you have in the fairway and use the $400 to pay for golf lessons.

Better Recreational Golf, by yours truly. Applying the information in this book will help you shoot lower scores.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and good golfing in 2010.

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