The Recreational Golfer

The Golfing Self

The Golfing Self book

You might be losing three strokes per side because of unnecessary mental lapses in planning or hitting a shot.

The Golfing Self  gives you two simple exercises that are proven to develop your strength of mind to prevent this.

Other Writings

Bob's Living Golf Book

This online-only book is a reference guide to every aspect of the game. Updated monthly to add new material and revise the explanation of existing material, this is a must-have document.

The Rules of Recreational Golf

The USGA’s rule book is meant for competitions and establishing a USGA handicap. If you play outside of those environments, use these rules instead and go have fun.

Better Recreational Golf

BRG book

Want to play better, but just can't find the time to practice?

Better Recreational Golf  shows you how to play a creditable game even if you're busy with family, work, and other interests.

Shoot lower scores and have more fun!

Better Recreational Golf, Left-Hander's Edition

BRG book

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