College Football – Week 7

Oregon had the day off. UCLA at home is next. Commentators are giving Oregon a pass for their first game loss to Georgia. New coaches, new offense, new QB, it was the wrong time to play the defending national champions. The Ducks have put it together, and without that loss, Oregon would be in the Top Ten. But they have that loss, and they aren’t, for now.

Oregon State played the dangerous Washington State at home. The Beavers led the entire way, and held the Cougars to 23 yards rushing in 20 attempts. Colorado is next at home.

Head Coaching Blues:
O.K., I haven’t been fair about this. Offensive coordinators can become unwelcome, too. In fact, Rutgers felt that very way about Sean Gleeson when they let him go last weekend.

Can we go even farther down the coaching hierarchy to misplace the blame for bad players playing badly? Of course we can! Indiana fired its offensive line coach and run-game coordinator, Darren Hiller. He was replaced by Rod Carey, if you must know, apparently a new hire.

On the field:

Enough Already!:
UCF beat Temple 70-13 symmetrically. UCF scores by quarter: 14, 21, 21, 14.

No Longer Undefeated:
Georgia Southern 45, James Madison 38

Michigan 41, Penn State 17. There was a little boys-will-be-boys dust-up when both teams emerged for the second half through what some genius figured should be the same tunnel at the same time.

TCU 43, Oklahoma State 40 in two OTs.

Old Dominion 49, Coastal Carolina 21

Let me see, there was one other. Which one was it? Oh, yes!
Tennessee 52, Alabama 49. Haydin to Hooker for five Tennessee TD passes in the Vols’ first victory against Alabama after 15 consecutive losses, but a 40-yard FG with no time left got the win. Alabama has not given up so many points since nineteen and ought seven, one hundred fifteen years ago, when they lost to Sewanee 54-4. Sewanee is a private Episcopal university located in Sewanee, Tennessee. Its list of notable alumni includes nobody I have ever heard of. And I pay attention to these matters.

Thursday night, West Virginia beat Baylor, 43-40. The game featured a 65-yard pick by WVU for a TD, and a blocked PAT returned all the way by WVU for two points, which you might see once a year. Baylor scored a tying FG with 1:40 left, and WVU returned the favor with 0:33 left for the win. West Virginia’s place kicker is named (I am not making this up) Casey Legg.

Stanford always has to wreck somebody’s season, and they didn’t do it against Oregon, so Notre Dame, we’re looking at you. Sure enough, Stanford wins 16-14, in South Bend. The Stanford defense of ND’s pass on 4th and 7 with 1:04 to go looked a teensy bit like pass interference, but it didn’t get called. But then what do I know?

Surprising Syracuse beat NC State 24-9 to go 6-0. They might be good enough to get 10 wins this year, but this week at Clemson won’t be one of them. But they might be. What do I know?

The game of the year in the Pac-12 (at least until this Saturday) was worth its billing. Utah beat USC 43-42 when Utah QB Cameron Rising ran the ball in from five yards at 0:48 to make the score 42-41, then ran the ball in for two for the 43-42 win. Utah never led until that moment. Now the only undefeated team in the Pac-12 is UCLA, which plays Oregon this weekend in Eugene.

Did I mention that Alabama lost? I guess I did.

Oklahoma rebounded with a vengeance, beating Kansas 52-42. The last time Kansas began their season 5-0 they finished 5-7. Kansas is now 5-2. (Cue the theme from Jaws.)

Illinois continues to win, beating pretty good Minnesota 26-14. The Illini defense allowed only 38 Minnesota yards passing. 6-1 now, they could easily be 9-1 for the Michigan game four weeks hence.

Normally the Central Michigan-Akron game would not get my attention, but this head-scratching play has to be seen to be believed. Go here and watch the little video first on the list.

Week 8:
Game of the Week
UCLA at Oregon

Crummy Game of the Week
Vanderbilt at Missouri
Arizona State at Stanford
(I mean, these two just stink.)

Remaining Pac-12 Game of the Week
nothin’ special

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