College Football – Week 4

College football games keep taking more and more time to play–around 3½ hours. The main reason is TV advertising. It’s guy in the red hat telling the referees when the game can begin again. I went to a Willamette (Division III) game a few years ago and it took TWO HOURS. You punt and when the play is over, different players come on the field and play continues. You score, and different players come on the field and play continues. No guy in the red hat. That simple.

Last week at the BYU game, a number of knuckleheads in the Oregon student section started inviting the Mormons to be fruitful and multiply. But not in those words. The governor of Utah said that religious bigotry is alive and well in Oregon. Well, wouldn’t you know, all this got caught on smartphones and posted, so the U of O brass KNOWS who the students are who were yelling this cant. Just like the FBI and the January 6 riot, social media comes to the rescue. Except that was worse. But don’t ask the governor of Utah.

As for the Washington State game, Oregon had the ball inside the Washington State 10 four times in the first half and came away with 3 FGs and a pick 6, for a net +2 points. In the second half, the Ducks kept shooting themselves in the foot on defense, but managed to score 29 fourth quarter points to take a 44-34 lead with 0:55 to go and win 44-41. Whew! Stanford (1-2) is next.

Oregon State made a valiant effort against USC at home, but just couldn’t get the job done, losing 17-14. USC got the winning touchdown at 1:13 in the fourth quarter. The team stats were dead even except for one: OSU four turnovers, USC none. Two of those Beaver turnovers led to a Trojan FG and a TD. @Utah (3-1) is next.

All six Pac-12 venues painted the 4-yard line markers on the field yellow in memory of Oregon tight end Spencer Webb, who died in a recreational accident over the summer.

Head Coaching Blues:
Scott Frost got an extra $7.5 M for leaving Nebraska before October. Nice work if you can get it. That’s got to be four times the amount of income many Nebraska football fans will earn in their lifetime.

Arizona State fired Herm Edwards after the Sun Devils’ 30-21 loss to Eastern Michigan. Edwards had an overall recored of 26-20 at ASU. Though he took the team to three bowl games in four years, recruiting violations that were legion, as were staff resignations and players transferring out of the program, made him expendable given the slightest excuse. Edwards’s buyout is TBD.

Two down, 129 to go.

Assistant Coaching Blues:
Boise State fired its offensive coordinator after the Broncos’ 27-10 loss to heavy underdog UTEP.

Looking ahead:
Washington (4-0) could be 8-0 going into the Oregon State game.
Kansas (4-0) has already won more games in one season since they went 5-7 in 2009 (won their first five and lost their last seven). Since then, two or three wins were all you could expect, and in 2015 it was 0-12. Their last really big year was 2007, when they went 12-1, losing only to Missouri (12-2). Their schedule gets a lot tougher starting this week, though.
I’m still not convinced that USC (4-0) is as good as the pollsters think they are. They face Washington and Utah in the coming weeks. Since they don’t play Oregon this year, those two games will define their season.

FCS Teams Beating FBS Teams:
None, but Ohio just got by Fordham (FCS) 59-52, scoring the winning TD on a fumble return with no time left.

Syracuse place kicker Andre Szmyt (rhymes with Smith, I think) kicked 5 FGs, including the game winner with one minute to go for a 22-20 win over Virginia. Virginia place kicker Brendan Farrell missed both FG attempts, albeit of 51 and 49 yards.

Texas Christian played Southern Methodist and won 42-34. Now you know whose side God was on.

Missouri, their players celebrating on the sideline at 0:02, score tied, with the ball on the Auburn 19 yard line and me saying, “Guys? The game’s not over.” Sure enough, the kicker missed and the game went into OT where a Missouri runner fumbled the ball just before crossing the goal line with the winning touchdown, to lose to Auburn, 17-14.

Clemson took two OTs to beat Wake Forest 51-45.

Enough already!
Western Kentucky beat Florida International 73-0.
Stephen F. Austin (FCS) beat Warner (NAIA) 98-0. Warner is a member of the Sun Conference, located in Georgia and Florida. Warner was 0-3 going into the game, having lost those three games by a combined score of 145-32. Now make that 0-4 and 243-32. Stephen F. Austin had ten offensive TDs, one punt return and two fumble recoveries for TDs, two FGs, and a safety. They lined up for a two-point conversion at the end of the game, leading 98-0, and respectfully took a knee.

Appalachian State’s luck ran out against Sun Belt foe James Madison. Down 28-10 at the half, the Dukes shut out App State in the second half and scored 22 points of their own for the 32-28 win.

Middle Tennessee beat #25 Mario 45-31, in Miami. [Note: former Duck head coach who no Duck fan is sorry he departed.]

Kansas State upset #6 Oklahoma 41-34. KSU never trailed after scoring an opening TD. The score was tied briefly at 20 in the third quarter.

Texas A&M is righting the ship by beating #10 Arkansas 23-21. In the heads-up play of the year so far, and maybe the entire year, Aggie Tyreek Chappell recovered an Arkansas fumble on his own three yard line, and when about to get tackled running it back, handed off to teammate Demani Richardson who ran the rest of the way for the TD.

Minnesota beat Michigan State 34-7 to start 4-0. They should be 6-0 (Purdue, Illinois) when they meet Penn State three weeks from now.

Ohio State (4-0) damaged Wisconsin 52-21. They will have clear sailing to the season finale against Michigan.

Tennessee (4-0) beat Florida State 38-33. The Vols survived a Florida recovery of an onside kick at 0:17 left by intercepting a pass at 0:06. After a week off, the Vols face @LSU and Alabama.

Week 5:
Games of the Week
Oklahoma State at Baylor
Kentucky at Mississippi

Crummy Game of the Week
Colorado at Arizona

Pac-12 Game of the Week
Washington at UCLA


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