College Football – Week 3

I know this is a golf blog, but I also put out a weekly college football newsgram that you might be interested in.

I know not much about college football, so I can say things the talking heads on TV, who also don’t know much about college football can’t say.

It’s Pac-12 and Oregon/Oregon State oriented. Here’s the one from last week’s games.


Oregon beat a decent BYU team, 41-20, primarily with the running game. BYU was ranked #12, but got handled on both sides of the ball in the first three quarters. After sending in the subs to start the fourth quarter with a 38-7 lead, and giving up two TDs, the Oregon first unit offense came back on the field with 10:39 on the clock and held the ball for over eight minutes, kicking a FG at 2:16. Game over. Washington State in Pullman is next. Their defeat of Wisconsin two weeks ago on the road and thrashing of Colorado State yesterday means the Ducks will have to play their best game to secure a road win.

Last Monday, our local newspaper had an article about the Beavers with the headline, “Oregon State has the poise to contend for a Pac-12 title.” Neglecting the fact that it takes more than poise to win a conference title, talent has something to do with it, the Beavers will get their assessment right away with games against USC next Saturday and @Utah the Saturday after that. Remember, the Pac-12 no longer has divisions. It’s just twelve teams, ranked from top to bottom, with the two on top playing for the conference title. A team with two conference losses will not be one of those two teams. I wish Oregon State every success*, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Oh, yes, the game. Before it started, I said to my wife, “If Oregon State doesn’t score 50 points, they will have some serious explaining to do.” Final, Oregon State 68, Montana State 28.

By the way, if you want to know what the tie-breakers are for determining who plays in this year’s Pac-12 conference championship game, here they are. Read them at your own risk. The final tie-breaker goes to the team with the most Philosophy majors. They are student-athletes, you know.

*Except against you-know-who. In that case, I wish them some success but not quite enough.


The Scott Frost era at Nebraska is over. Frost was fired as head coach following last week’s loss to Georgia Southern. This week’s next loss, under a new head coach, came to Oklahoma, 49-14.

FCS Teams Beating FBS Teams:
Southern Illinois 31, Northwestern 24

Syracuse (3-0), down to Purdue by four points with 0:51 to go, scored a TD at 0:07 to win, 32-39. The score after three quarters was 10-9, ‘Cuse.

UCLA averted disaster by kicking a FG with no time left to beat South Alabama at home, 32-31.

South Carolina, trailing Georgia 48-0 in the fourth quarter, scored at 0:53 to lose 48-7.

In a minor upset, Wyoming scored a go-ahead TD with 6:06 left and held on to beat Air Force 17-14.

Tulane scored two TDs in the second half, while holding Kansas State scoreless, to win 17-14.

Penn State put a hurt on Auburn, 41-12.

A very surprising Kansas beat Houston 48-30, which no one except maybe the Kansas locker room expected.

Appalachian State scored a safety against Troy with 0:15 to go to bring the score to 28-26, Troy. At 0:02, on fourth down from their own 47, App State completed a 53-yard TD pass to win, 32-28.

Eastern Michigan, scoring on four of its first five first-half possessions, beat Arizona State in Tempe, 30-21.

Washington is recovering from the Jimmy Lake era, beating Michigan State 39-28.

By beating Marshall 34-31, Bowling Green created the first really good transitive non-sequitor. They need to include at least four teams. Here it is:
Eastern Kentucky (FCS) beat Bowling Green
Bowling Green beat Marshall
Marshall beat Notre Dame
Therefore, Eastern Kentucky is better than Notre Dame.
In the ensuing weeks longer ones will appear.

Week 4:
Game of the Week
Arkansas at Texas A&M

Crummy Game of the Week
Vanderbilt at Alabama

Pac-12 Game of the Week
USC at Oregon State


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