Add Distance With No Extra Effort

Everyone wants to hit the ball farther. If you don’t, there is something wrong with you.

The usual solutions are to swing faster or hit harder. Either of those solutions lead you to inventing any number of new ways to mishit the ball.

There is a third way–make the arc of your swing longer, which allows more speed to build up before the ball is struck.

Making the swing longer for most golfers does not mean to make your backswing longer. It means to make it wider.

Lee Trevino shows us to take a wedge back halfway, stop, take your trailing hand off the club, and reach out for the clubhead. If you can grab it, your swing is too small. That tip comes at the very end of the video.

Trevino is talking about a wedge, but the same thought applies to the longer clubs. Watch this swing of Anne Van Dam. Notice the width of her swing and that her wrists begin hinging after the club is halfway back.

Make your swing bigger by extending the arm on the leading side as far as makes sense to you. Try one time reaching out as far as you possibly can, and you will feel what doesn’t make sense. Far, but not that far.

Once you have swung back, maintain that sensible arc on the way back to the ball.

Now, your wrists are still hinged, and there is still roughly a 90-degree angle between the shaft and your trailing forearm. It’s just farther away from you than before.

You might notice that when you have this much width in your swing, you have to slow down a bit to keep it under control. That’s a good thing.

You might also notice if you do this that you have to stop trying to hit the ball and make your focus be swinging the club. That’s a good thing, too.

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