Bob’s Living Golf Book – December 2020 edition

The December 2020 edition of Bob’s Living Golf Book is now online.

BLGB has gotten a complete overhaul.

There are no major additions this month, but there is a complete re-working of several sections.

I have retitled Section A to “Golf Swing Imperatives” and reduced it to only two entries, because that’s how many imperatives there are, in my opinion. Just two. Long-time readers of this blog know what they are.

Over the years, new material was grafted on wherever there was room, and there wasn’t a very good flow. That has been corrected.

Much of the material has been rewritten, too, to make explanations clearer and to make the book’s message more consistent.

BLGB really a different book than it was before this revision, and, I think, a better book. It will make a lot more sense to you.

2 thoughts on “Bob’s Living Golf Book – December 2020 edition”

  1. You’ve been exceedingly GENEROUS to offer golfers the results of your deep thought and hard work, Bob. Anyone who sees what you’ve put together over the years can’t help but be a better golfer than he/she would otherwise be. THANK YOU!

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