your target is the ball

Hitting a successful shot demands that you focus on your target. But what it your target?

It is the ball. It is the object you are trying to hit with the club you are about to swing.

The destination of the shot is the ball’s target, not yours.

You have figured out where that is and how you are doing to get the ball there–exactly how you are going to use the club to execute your plan.

Once you have done that, the plan is dialed in to your unconscious mind. From there your task is to have the clubface meet the ball as you intended.

The odds of that happening are much greater when you define your target as, and focus on, the ball.

Do not misinterpret this. I am not saying you should hit at the ball. You still swing through it.

One thought on “your target is the ball”

  1. Yeah, Bob — the target is the target, and we need to swing THROUGH the ball TO the target. Good tip (wish I’d remember it!)

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