Bob’s Living Golf Book – September 2020 Edition

The September 2020 edition of Bob’s Living Golf Book is now online.

There are three major additions, minor revisions, and lots of refinements. Enjoy!

A2. Swing the Clubhead Squarely (new)
A3. Swing the Club With Your Hands (added material)
B8. Set-up Procedure (new)
D8. Relaxation (added material)
F4. Triangulated Approach Putting (simplification)
G22b. And Then There Are the Really Good Guys…and Gals (fun stuff)
H2. Your Scoring Potential (rewrite)
J. Summary (new)

Play well, and have fun.

One thought on “Bob’s Living Golf Book – September 2020 Edition”

  1. Great work, Bob! I especially like these tips: A2: making sure to get the club face square to the target line (slight turndown of the left hand on the takeaway required for right-handed golfers, but not well known to lots of golfers);

    C4: this is a bit tricky. If one stands in a relaxed position with hands hanging down, there’ll typically be a bit of a bend in the arms at the elbow. We see pros have, mostly, a “straight” left arm. Jack Nicklaus comes to mind. Right before his takeaway, he’d “straighten” his left arm; lessening the relaxation, but not being totally rigid;

    F5: Yes, we can’t “baby” the short putts. These have to be stroked firmly — with commitment;

    G2: Yes, we need to take enough club to “get there.” Often, we amateurs under-club because seldom do we hit our best shot, right on the sweet spot. It’s likely to be a bit less than sweet;

    H11a: Good point — that distance is a by-product of good contact — and that accuracy is what we really need, more than we need distance. But distance is important, and we all want it.

    I’m sure I speak for lots of readers in saying we appreciate all the work you put into the book — including the helpful updates. Thanks!

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