Bob’s Living Golf Book–August 2020 Edition

The August 2020 edition of Bob’s Living Golf Book is now online.

I don’t have any major new essays, only additions and clarifications that I like to put in when I don’t think I have expressed myself clearly. That is the benefit of online publishing–no edition is final.

There is one thing I have been working on for a number of weeks now that I am really excited about. I put up a post a few weeks ago about squaring up the clubface at impact.

The best way to have the clubface square at impact is to keep it square throughout the swing and I, at about the time I posted, came up with a way to do that. This is something to be added on that post, not to replace it.

I have never read this or seen it on YouTube. It is a product of my natural genius. (Ahem!) It involves grip pressure, but a different kind of grip pressure. It’s the blue paragraph in section B3. I wish I had known this twenty years ago.

Play well, and have fun.

One thought on “Bob’s Living Golf Book–August 2020 Edition”

  1. Good point about grip pressure, Bob. I have two suggestions that might also help golfers. One is to, just prior to setup and address, grip the club “hard” with both hands, then relax and release both of them. Doing that helps take out some of the tension that might otherwise creep into taking “the grip.”

    The second is to, after taking our now presumably more “relaxed” grip, hover the club at address, rather than grounding it. That helps maintain a “feel” for the clubhead, and thereby helps reduce tension or friction in the takeaway.

    Matt Kuchar “hovers” at address and it seems to serve him pretty well!

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