Bob’s Living Golf Book – April 2020 Edition

The April 2020 edition of Bob’s Living Golf Book is now online.

Significant updates, additions, and new sections:

A1. Rhythm and Tempo
A2. Take the Club Back StraightC17. Arms (new)
A4. The Length of the BackswingI2. What’s In Your Bag? (blades vs. cavity-backs)
C2. The Takeaway
C6. The Shape of the Swing
C19. The Golf Club’s Personality
D8. End-Gaining
G30. How to Shoot a Low Score
H11a. Long Game Practice

…and minor items scattered around the book, all of them in blue type.

I also made a formatting gange. Let me know if this is OK or was it better the old way.

Play well, and have fun.

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