The Recreational Golfer Signing Off

I started this blog in 2009 with a post about fixing the FedEx Cup, which I think is still relevant.

At the start I posted twice a week, and though now it’s just once a week, that’s still a LOT of posts.

Actually, that’s enough posts. I realize I’ve run out of things to say.

So [deep breath] I will no longer be adding new material to the blog. This is my final post.

The blog isn’t going away, it will stay as it is. You can come here and read it to your heart’s content. If you haven’t, I would suggest prowling in corners you haven’t explored to see what you might find.

I’ll leave you with one final tip that is the essence of everything I have written about playing better golf: Good golf is not be gained by training your body to do the same thing every time. It is found by training your mind to do the same thing every time.

Thank you all for being readers over the years. It meant so much to me to investigate things and write them up for you.

Play well, and have fun.

8 thoughts on “The Recreational Golfer Signing Off”

  1. I have enjoyed reading. Your enthusiasm for the game is a great escape for me and I intend to come back frequently for your pearls of common sense wisdom. Thanks.

  2. Have really enjoyed the posts over the years and learned much; good plain common sense and the the game made simple. I have always found something to go back to in my practice so thank you very much for sharing these thoughts.

    Best wishes and many birdies (and and ther3’s nothing wrong with bogeys either!!)

    john d

  3. “Thanks for the memories,” Bob. I didn’t find your material until about a year ago, but I’ve found it to be valuable. No doubt many others have found it helpful to their golf games, too. Best wishes!

  4. Best wishes, and Thank You! for all the effort to do this over the years.

    I will refer back to your writings, and your books, often.

    Fairways and greens …

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