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  1. For another view of wrists in the swing I refer you to Ike Handy who wrote two books in the ’60’s which you may have read. His position is the contact with the ball should be made with hinged wrists and released some time after and rehinged at the completion of the swing. He said this is the only way to consistently hit the ball straight – swing the hands, arms (especially the left arm) and the top of the club, not the club head. In his view, while releasing as you describe increases increases club head speed, most of the power in the swing comes from fast body movement and a slow down swing. I would be interested in your take.

    1. Peter, Yes, I have each of them. I have read Handy’s book, How to Hit a Golf Ball Straight, more than a few times. What I got from it was that the hands have to be ahead of the clubhead at impact, and that the wrists (actually, just the right wrist) are still bent at impact. This much is true. But there is other stuff where he mistakes opinion for fact and other stuff that he is flat out wrong about. There isn’t space to go into all of it. You mentioned the speed of the swing. Handy clearly states, several times in the book, the slower you swing, the harder you will hit. Try that sometime and see what you get. In addition, if you have a fast body turn and a slow arm swing, your arms will be so far behind that all you will hit are wicked push slices.

      See this post on how to get distance. Do that and keep your hands ahead of the clubhead and you can learn to hit the ball both straight and long.

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