Keeping Golf Stats

Golf statistics have gotten pretty complicated lately. These four, which you can easily keep as you go around the course, tell me what I want know over time about how well I’m hitting the ball.

1. Number of full shots.
2. Number of short shots.
3. Distance from the hole (in feet) once my ball gets on the green.
4. Number of putts.

If you want more detail, write down every stroke when you get home to find out exactly what went right and what went wrong.

2 thoughts on “Keeping Golf Stats”

  1. Agree Stats have gotten way too complicated, and some are downright stupid. However, I would suggest following 5:
    – Fairways hit
    – Greens in regulation
    – Up n Downs
    – Sand saves
    – Putts per round.

    1. Conn,
      Those are good stats to keep, but most of them can be derived from my smaller set. If there is no short shot on a hole, that is a GIR. One short shot and one putt is an up and down. Putts per round? Add ’em up. I don’t get into bunkers very often. Fairways hit to me is less important that the number of shots it takes to get to the green.

      Over time, my set gives you an at-a-glance overview of your game. Only a shot-by-shot listing of your rounds, with all the detail you want to add, tells you what you’re doing well, and what needs work.

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