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Four ways to play better recreational golf:

1. Read my blog. New posts are being added on an irregular basis, but there are over twelve years of weekly posts on all topics for you to explore.

You might want to visit my YouTube channel, The Recreational Golfer, which will have new videos added on an irregular basis.

2. Read my latest creation, A Basic Golf Swing, published on January 9, 2022. It's FREE. There is an accompanying video on YouTube.

3. Get a .pdf download of any of my books for no charge at the Blog. Hard copies are available at Amazon.

The Golfing Self book cover

The Golfing Self
Better Recreational Golf book cover

Better Recreational Golf
(Regular Edition)
Better Recreational Golf book cover

Better Recreational Golf
(Left-Hander's Edition)

4. Then, get off the Internet and go play golf!

author Bob Jones

Play well, and have fun.

Save this image and then read Six Fundamentals of the Recreational Golf Swing.

Reader Comments:

The Golfing Self

"A structured plan to overcome golf's mental challenges."
- Eric B.

"I have had the shot just 'come to me' on several occasions, by letting the mind find it on its own."
- Bob N.

Better Recreational Golf

"I read this book one evening and had the best round of my life the next day."
- David G.

"A wonderful job of explaining helpful practice techniques."
- Brian B.

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