Bob’s Living Golf Book – November 2019 Edition

The November 2019 edition of Bob’s Living Golf Book is now online.

Significant updates, additions, and new sections:

C16. Technique and Feel (new)
D2. Standing Over the Ball (additions)
D9. Every Shot Should Have a Plan (new)
F. An introduction to putting (new)
F6. Reading the Green (additions)
F8. It’s Speed, Not Line (new)
F9. My Favorite Approach Putting Drill (new)
G28. Course Management in a Nutshell (new)

…and a few minor items scattered around the book, all of them in blue type.

Play well, and have fun.

One thought on “Bob’s Living Golf Book – November 2019 Edition”

  1. Thank you, Bob. We appreciate your helping us with what we can do to get better at this game — one we can participate in for a lifetime — or the majority of it, anyway!

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