Bob’s Living Golf Book – October 2019 Edition

The October 2019 edition of Bob’s Living Golf Book is now online.

Significant updates, additions, and new sections:

A0. link to an Anne van Dam golf swing video.
B6. Ball Position (re-write)
B8. Aim (re-write)
C13. The Whoosh (re-write)
D11. Doubt (new)
F1d. Putting-Direction (addition)

…and minor items scattered around the book, all of it in blue type.

Play well, and have fun.

2 thoughts on “Bob’s Living Golf Book – October 2019 Edition”

  1. Thanks Bob — it’s very nice of you to put this book out there for us amateurs to utilize. We appreciate your continually updating it, too. Best wishes for playing your best golf — emphasis on playing!

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