Bob’s Living Golf Book – July 2019 Edition

The July 2019 edition of Bob’s Living Golf Book is now online.

I would recommend you open it and read the blue text, which is the new material.

Major additions are:
A6. A new description of how to have the hands lead the subhead through impact.
B4. The right thumb and forefinger in the grip.
C16. The suspension Point (all new)
G1. How to hit the ball (a bit) farther
H28. Build Your Swing Around Your Wedges (all new)

Play well, and have fun.

One thought on “Bob’s Living Golf Book – July 2019 Edition”

  1. Great job Bob — thank you! I love the tip “Just Relax” to help generate clubhead speed. We get ourselves in trouble by trying too hard to HIT the ball, instead of just relaxing and swinging THROUGH the ball — meeting it in the center of the club face, of course!

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