Your One Right Hand

We all know about the three right hands Ben Hogan wished he had. If you don’t, read this post first.

There is nothing wrong with hitting the ball hard with your hands if you can do it correctly. If you know how, then why not???

So I’m going to tell you how.

Lead the club from the end of the backswing into the forward swing with your left arm—the upper arm, to be precise. Keep the left forearm out of it.

Make sure your hands are coming into the ball ahead of the clubhead. If they are not, what comes next will be your worst enemy, not your best friend.

There is a certain moment when the hands feel like they have passed the ball and the clubhead is still way back there. At the moment, you can pour it on with the right hand, accelerating the clubhead through the ball.

It will take some trial and error to find just the right moment for the right hand to do its thing. That moment will be easier to find if you think of this right hand move as a rhythmic element that you will find if you don’t force it.

One clue is that it comes at the last instant. If you try to do it while your hands are still approaching the ball, that is way too early and the result will be disastrous.

So don’t get excited. Wait until the time is right.

Another caveat is that your right hand hand needs to be going level, not moving in an arc of down to up.

Do not rush the forward swing. That works against this move. What you want is to make your normal swing and add speed with your right hand only at the very end.

Finally, the point is for the right hand to launch into the ball and hit hard, but not so much that it overpowers the left hand. This is what Hogan was teaching you how to prevent.

That is why you have to wait until the last instant to pull off this move, because by then it is too late for the right hand to do damage to what the clubhead is about to do.

There is no body acceleration, no arm acceleration, just your same ordinary smooth swing with a little right hand thrown in right before you hit the ball. Once you find the right rhythm it will all seem so easy.

When you start learning this move, be concerned only with making contact on the center of the clubface. Don’t be concerned about where the ball goes. Straight will come in time.

How do you know if you hit the ball on the center? By feel. You hit the ball so hard and it feels so soft. There is barely a feeling of anything in your hands. Oh, does that feel good. I know you know the feeling.

There is a different sound, too. Love that sound.

This move works best with the longer clubs. You might be able to take it down to the 5-iron, but shorter than that it doesn’t really add anything.

Practice it A LOT before you try it on the course. It’s not good enough to practice it until you get it right. Keep practicing until you can’t do it wrong. Then be my guest.

One thought on “Your One Right Hand”

  1. “It’s not good enough to practice it until you get it right. Keep practicing until you can’t do it wrong.”

    Sounds like the advice I got on being a musician:

    “An amateur practices until they get it right. A professional practices until they can’t get it wrong.”

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