Bob’s Living Golf Book

Bob’s Living Golf Book (PDF), which I have been promising you since June, is finally here. It is my latest effort at bringing better golf into your life. Click the reference on the black bar above this post.

The word “Living” means something. This book will be added to periodically as I develop worthy material. Updates will be announced.

There is still work to be done with this edition, but I wanted to get it up to now. I’ve waited long enough.

Text in red are the really, really important things I want you to get. Really.

All blue links are clickable.

Fake links in red signify videos I will put up as soon as I can film them. Which might or might not be soon from now.

Thank you for being a reader. Play well, and have fun.

One thought on “Bob’s Living Golf Book”

  1. Nice book – still going through it! One comment. You wrote in I-9:

    “Repair divot holes you make by replacing the sod and stepping on it.”

    This doesn’t work on Bermuda grass used on southern courses; the replaced divot won’t take. Use the sand mix provided by the course for filling in divot holes (and fill a couple more close to you while you’re there).

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