The Best Posts of 2015

Last year fifty-two posts were put up in this space, dedicated to helping you play better golf. Well, may be less than that, because of the major championship previews and a few editorials. But there was a lot.

Today I want to remind you of the posts that did the best at getting to the heart of the game, and the core of your learning to become a better golfer. They’re not the Ten Best, or the Twelve Best, just the Best.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

January 5
Ernie Els, You’re Not – swing the club at your tempo, not even Ernie’s.

February 22
To Sink Putts, Practice Sinking Putts – the more putts you put in the hole, the easier you’ll think it is to do.

March 29
Swing Through to the Finish – the swing is not over when you’ve hit the ball.

May 3
Good Golf Takes Dedication – this means lots of practice.

July 5
How Far Do You Hit Your Irons? – here’s a way to find out.

September 13
Break-Even Putting – lag putting begins from a closer distance than you might think.

October 11
Stop Chunking Chip Shots – it’s easy, once you know the secret.

November 15
The Short Game in One Rule – a rule that will save you shots you didn’t realize you were losing.

There’s enough material in there for a winter’s worth of work. Any one of them will cut a stroke or two off you score.

What if you try all of them?

Your buddies will say, “You look like the guy we played with last year, but you sure don’t play like him!”

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