Tiger Woods, Human Being

Everybody has to tell you what they think about Tiger Woods’s current troubles. I don’t feel that I have to tell you, but I will anyway, because this is something I know a great deal about.

Tiger had back surgery last year. We all know this. I had back surgery, two of them, three years ago. So I know something about what’s going on with him right now.

Tiger tried to come back last year much too soon, and it showed. What he doesn’t know, or won’t admit, is that it is still too soon. Backs take a long time to heal.

It was two years before I felt I could swing a golf club without it affecting my back. That was after one year of looking for a swing that put the minimum strain on my back that a golf swing can.

Tiger is trying to be the same golfer he was, which he isn’t and never will be again, and he’s trying to do it while he’s still healing.

In a nutshell, he thinks he is different from everyone else. He’s not. He’s human just like the rest of us, but he’s too proud to admit it.

Let’s get specific. After he withdrew from the Farmers Insurance Open three weeks ago, he said his glutes weren’t activating. The gluteus muscles receive their innervation from nerves originating at the L5-S2 region of the spine. If they truly were not activating, he has serious nerve damage and should not be swinging a golf club.

If activating your glutes is some new swing theory, I’d like to hear more about it.

What’s really happening is he is trying to sound intellectual and has no idea what he’s talking about.

Woods won the U.S. Open once on one good leg, but he can’t finish 18 holes with a bad back like he has. No one can. He doesn’t want to own up to the fact that he is no longer Superman, but just a man.

As for the chipping thing, that’s anybody’s guess, but it’s not related to a swing change. That is a crock of horse manure.

I wish Tiger well, but nothing will get better until he stops lying to himself. His life has changed and it’s not going back to what it ever was. Ever.

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