The Golf Swing Is a Pulling Motion

You can’t push a rope. Heard that one before?

When you pull something, it follows wherever you go. But when you push something, the slightest misdirection ends up in a big error at the finish.

Ever tried to back up a trailer hooked to your car? You pulled it there just fine, but backing it up (pushing it) into place ain’t so easy.

Well, you can’t push your golf swing, either. Everything about it is a pulling motion.

When you take the club back, the hands pull everything around with them.

But to start the downswing, the hands are in position only to push something, and if they lead, the results are disastrous.

It’s the body that does the pulling at the start of the downswing. The arms and hands go along for the ride.

Once they are low enough, about hip-height, the hands can start pulling again, pulling the golf club through the impact area, while the body continues to pull as it turns.

There’s your golf swing. Pull back, pull through.

2 thoughts on “The Golf Swing Is a Pulling Motion”

    1. Andy,
      Pulling with the body is just a matter of turning the body to start the downswing, leaving the hands and arms to follow. The body thing is easy to do physically. The hard part is having the hands and arms wait their turn, and that’s a mental skill.


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