My Swing Keys for 2014

Lately I have been hitting the ball very straight. This is because I have been paying attention to a few simple swing keys. They might be worth anything only to me, but just in case they’re not, here they are:

1. 3:1 rhythm. Three counts to the end of the backswing, one count back to impact. Often, just doing this is enough to produce a good shot.

2. Start the club back straight away from the ball. My pet swing flaw is to take it back inside.

3. Take the club back to control. This means to take the club back only so far as I still feel a connection between the clubhead and the ball. The clubhead knows where the ball is and how to get back to it. If I make my backswing to long, I lose this connection.

4. The left hand leads the club into impact. You might think this would leave the clubface open. It does only if your body is too far ahead of your arms. 

When I get these four things right, I hit the ball right where I’m looking. 

Here’s to low scores in 2014.

[April 2018 note: These four points evolved into Six Fundamentals of the Recreational Golf Swing.]

3 thoughts on “My Swing Keys for 2014”

  1. Thanks for sharing those useful secrets. I am sure they would a be a great help 🙂
    Can you recommend some post regarding how to develop a solid core for golf?

    1. Andrea,
      I don’t have a post on that topic, but it’s such a good idea, I’ll write one for tomorrow’s posting. Thank you for your suggestion.

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