Are Golf Swing Changes Worth It?

Many, not all, but many golfers are always on the lookout for a way to hit the ball better and more consistently. All to the good. But is it the search itself that prevents them from attaining their goal?

Vivien Saunders, the legendary British teacher, said, “To improve your golf, the first stage is not necessarily to change your swing, but to learn to do your best swing more often.”

This is the best golf swing advice you will ever get. If you can hit a straight ball half the time, even a third of the time, then you have a good swing. You task is to find out what you’re doing that works and learn to do that good swing more often.

There is no reason to depart from success. Just work on being more successful.

Saunders follows up her comment with one that might surprise you. She says, “The key is found in improving your follow-through and balance.”

Here’s Percy Boomer, another LBT, on the follow-through: “When I go up to address the ball, I do not think of pivoting (as you do); I think of following through. I think of the end, not the means.”

In other words, Boomer’s mind does not stop at the hit. He has an entirely different conception of what he is doing: “My feel is based upon what constitutes a good shot, while yours is based upon what prepares the way for the creation of a good shot.”

For Boomer, the swing does not lead up to hitting the ball. It leads up to the finish.

Let George Knudson tie the knot on the argument with his thoughts on balance: “Balance is the bedrock fundamental. We do nothing in the natural swing that is at the expense of balance, since disturbing balance leads to a loss of control and power.”

Your mishits are not caused by faulty technique. Rather, they are caused by being just enough off balance that you are unable to meet the ball with the precision the golfing hit requires. Just a little deviation will do, and your balance can be so close to being right that you don’t think it is the problem. But it is.

Improve your ball-striking by swinging without ball in front of you. Swing to a finish that is in PERFECT balance, upright, facing the target, your weight on your left foot, in an tension-free stance. If your finish is correct, most of what happened along the way will be correct, too.

Stop chasing rainbows with the latest tip you read in a magazine or heard on TV. By working on balance throughout the swing and a good finish, the things you do correctly will happen more often. That is how good golfers play good golf.

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