A Golf Swing Test

In an earlier post, I talked about learning how to hit your pitching wedge and building that swing throughout your set, one club at a time. This is not an idea I cooked up and just wrote about. I actually did it, and it works great.

To show you the benefit of getting on that program, try this exercise. Play eighteen holes with just your 9-iron and your putter. What you’re going to do is skip the tee shot on the par 4s and 5s and walk toward the green until you get to the distance from it that you hit your 9-iron, say, 125 yards. Drop a ball, hit on, and putt out.

The goal of the exercise is to hit as many greens as you can. Ten would be a good number. If it is significantly less than that, either practice with your 9-iron until you can hit ten, or get a lesson from a PGA professional and learn how to hit a 9-iron.

If you did get ten or more, try it again with your 8-iron. Keep progressing, out to about 175 yards, until you find the club that you can’t hit greens with. Then start working with that club.

I know, I’m asking you to go to the course and not hit your driver or all the other clubs, nor turn in a score. Consider this exercise to be tuition in the College of Golf.

On the other hand, this is also how I play golf when I go out with my grandson, and it’s kind a fun way to get around the course for a change. I think you’ll like it, too.

There is an additional benefit to the exercise. You will learn a lot about hitting greens, because that’s the only thing on your mind. You will start hitting the ball with a controlled swing that puts the ball where you want it. You might cut down your distance a bit as you raise your accuracy. That’s all right.

You can take from now until March to go through this project. There’s no hurry. There are so many shots we have to hit in golf, that it gets overwhelming trying to maintain all of them. So simplify for a while. Just work on one club at a time and give it the attention it probably never had before.

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