A Simple Golf Distance Generator

We all want more distance, not because we need it to score well, but because it’s fun to hit the ball a long way. If you want more distance that you have now, you have to do something different. Here’s a little change that doesn’t take too much practice to get down and does get you extra distance.

Instead of starting the downswing from a full pause, begin it with your body before your hands and arms have finished the backswing. For a split second, your body is going in two directions at once.

This is not a large disconnection. It might be so subtle that someone watching you wouldn’t even notice it. Just an instant before your hands come their pause at the top to change direction, your hips start turning into the ball.

This move has to fit in with the rhythm of the swing. A little bit of experimenting will show where it fits. If it feels artificial, you’re doing it too early.

This is much like casting a fly rod. When you snap the rod forward, the very end of the line is still going backward. Then it has to catch up, and that catching up is free acceleration, more acceleration that you could impart from a dead stop.

Golf is the same way. Now that your hands are lagging behind the movement into the ball, they have to accelerate to catch up. This acceleration is natural. You don’t have to make it happen for force it. All you need to do is control it.

If you wish to integrate this move into your swing, start small. Hit half wedge shots. Since the arm swing is so short in relation to your hip turn, just stop the arms at the end of their backswing and turn back into the ball, letting your turn start up the arms again. This gives you the feeling of the arms hanging behind the turn at the beginning of the move into the ball.

Continue on with longer swings. You will get to the point where you can comfortably keep swinging your hands and arms back as you turn the other direction. Remember this is a little move, and it must fit into the rhythm of the swing. It is almost dance-like.

Once you get to that point, you will fee the free clubhead speed that you’ve added on. Let that speed carry itself into the ball and enjoy the ride.

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