What Your Practice Swing is For

I put “practice swing” in the title because that’s what everyone calls it, but a better name for it is a reminder swing. You’re reminding yourself of how you want your swing to feel, and hopefully you can step up to the ball and copy that very swing.

The other thing you’re reminding yourself of, and this is even more important, is to stay calm and just let the shot take care of itself. You’ve programmed distance, direction, shot shape, trajectory, all that, into your subconscious mind. That part’s done. Now just let it all go and remind yourself how to swing with a mind that isn’t all balled up in calculation, and is unconcerned about results.

Let me point out that the feeling of how your body should move through the swing and the feeling of swinging with a calm mind are one feeling, not two. The mind and the body operate as a package. Use your reminder swing to remind yourself of that.

The reminder swing is also a lie detector. If for some reason this doesn’t work, in that your mind just won’t settle down when you take your reminder swing, it’s a sign that you have picked the wrong shot, the wrong destination, or are using the wrong club. Your conscious mind can talk you into anything, but your subconscious mind knows the truth. Step back, look again on a subconscious level, without analyzing, and let what you see tell you what to do. Then make the change you need to make.

Your subconscious mind also knows that it’s time to get your copy of Better Recreational Golf. So what are you waiting for?

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