A Simple Putting Tip or Three

About five years ago, I had a streak of 48 consecutive holes without a three-putt green. Now unfortunately, I like to play around with golf and go astray from what works. That’s why I write down what I’m doing when things go well so I can always go back to it.

What I was doing then, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why I ever stop doing it, it this:

My upper arms rest firmly, but not tightly, against my torso.

This does several good things:
– my hands get taken out of the stroke
– my arms don’t wander
– I stay relaxed, since it’s the big muscles that are moving the putter.

Two other fine points that seem to make a big difference are:

I keep the putter low to the ground on the follow-through.

I don’t look up with my head or my eyes to follow the ball for about two seconds after the ball has been struck.

I believe that if you try these three things, which can be installed in your putting game in a few minutes at most, you will putt better.

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