Two Grip Tips

The grip is the first fundamental of golf. Get a good grip and building a good swing is much easier. Read about it, or see the video.

1. Every golf book talks about how to take your grip by showing you how the club lays across the palms of your hands. Try building your grip by looking at the back of your hands.

Your fingers have three rows of bones in them, called phalanges. In the left hand, the relevant section is the proximal phalanges just above the back of the hand, where the fingers attach to the hand. For the right hand, the relevant section is the medial phalanges, the middle section. The third section, distal phalanges, where the fingertips are, is not relevant to the grip.

Set your hands on the club so the proximal phalanges of the left hand line up with the medial phalanges of the right hand. That is, there is a neat row of bones all in a line. (photo)

Now slip your left thumb into the pocket formed in the palm of the right hand. Finally, lift up your right little finger and slide your right hand down, placing the little finger on top of the left index finger, or between the left index and middle finger. There’s your Vardon grip.

Lining up the bones locks your two hands together without having to press them together. If you hands come apart even a bit during the swing, the clubhead turns and accurate contact is lost. This is the way to prevent that from happening.

2. Hold the club at its balance point. If you feel around about an inch from the top of the handle, you will find a place where the clubhead feels like it is an extension of your right hand. Above this point the club feels whippy. Below this point, the club feels stiff. In neither case do you feel connected to the clubhead.

Be sensitive in finding this balance point. Sometimes moving your hands just a quarter of an inch up or down the shaft makes the difference. By holding the club here, it will feel like a tool in your hands ready to do your bidding.

In review: Line up your knuckles, and find the balance point. This is how to make your grip work for you.

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