Two Swing Things

The swing is such a delicate movement that the littlest thing can throw it off. Yet, the littlest thing can bring it around, too.

Lately I haven’t been able to hit the ball worth beans. Not much else I can say. It hasn’t been fun watching myself hit the ball like I picked up the game last week. Time to go to the woodshed.

My backyard has a practice mat and a place to hit plastic golf balls. I must have almost a hundred of them, so I can get a lot of work done before I have to go pick them all up. Here is what I finally figured out today.

On the backswing, my right elbow needs to start folding immediately. If I keep it straight for too long, I’m toast. On my downswing, I need to keep my right shoulder back as long as possible at the start.

Now, you can’t really keep the right shoulder back, because it’s attached, but you have to feel like is staying back while everything else starts moving left.

Presto. High, powerful, straight shots, just like that.

Confession. I didn’t discover these things today. They’re things I have known for a long time and keep forgetting about. There are a few other points I have to keep in mind, but I guess they were working just fine today.

If golf were easy, if there weren’t things we had to puzzle out every now and then, it wouldn’t be any fun, would it? While you’re puzzling out your next move,

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