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Most of the time I write golf instruction on this blog. I figure everyone else is giving your their opinion of what is happening in professional golf, and while I get into that on rare occasions, I prefer to give you something useful as well as entertaining.

There is another web site I feed with golf instruction articles, Ezine.com. On this site you will find over 250 articles I have written on playing golf, from the swing to the short game, putting, practice, mental aspects, equipment, and strategy.

Some of those articles have appeared on this blog, but to browse through the complete set, go here: http://EzineArticles.com/search/?q=&expert=Bob%20E.%20Jones

When I write these articles, I never know which ones will be big hits. These are the top five, by far, according to how many readers the article has had since being posted:
Wrist Cock In the Golf Swing
Keep Your Elbows Together During the Golf Swing
A Square Clubface at Impact–This Simple Exercise Shows You How to Get It
A Straight Left Arm–Why Your Golf Swing Depends on It
Golf–How to Hit Your Driver Straight

These are my favorites:
Four Rules to Decide Whether to Chip or Pitch
Ten Rules For Hitting More Greens
Ten Rules For Playing Well
How to Improve Your Total Golf Game

So go explore the list. I know you’ll find something that will give you an idea that will take your golf in a new direction.

BTW, there’s a box below each article on the Ezine site that lets you rate the article. 1-5 stars. If you read an article, scroll go down and give it as many stars as you think it merits. And after you have done that,

visit www.therecreationalgolfer.com

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