A Morning at the Range, A Morning at the Course

Last week I played and I guess you could say I didn’t play so good. Time to go to the range and work a few things out.

I went Tuesday and Thursday mornings, and quite frankly I forgot what I did on Tuesday except work on my short game after I hit a few buckets.

Thursday, I remember. Our range sells tokens worth 33 balls, and I got three. With the first bucket, I hit my 8-iron, a lot of 5-irons, and a few drivers.

With the second bucket, I hit pitches between 40 and 95 yards.

With the third bucket, I rotated shots in this way:
Driver, 3-iron, 80-90 yard pitch
Driver, 5-iron, 60-80-yard pitch
Driver, 8-iron, 40-60-yard pitch

Every shot got real good. Then I went to the putting green and putted for an hour, emphasizing approach putts.

The next day, yesterday, I played. Shot an 81 from the forward tees (~5,900 yards). Hit lots of good shots, only left three on the course. No double bogeys!

Here’s a tip. Bring a notebook with  you the next time you play. When you notice something that will help you play better, or make a mistake that you want to correct later, write it down as it comes up. Otherwise, you will probably forget.

Here’s what I wrote down yesterday.
1. The green from close in looks foreshortened and difficult to pitch into. It’s really very deep. Fire away.
2. Have a feeling of calm confidence before you hit any shot. Make this a habit.
3. Swing thought — “center hit.”
4. If you think you have to be delicate on a short shot, choose another club or another shot.
5. Take no shot for granted. Give every one your full attention and best effort.
6. If you stand over a putt and think, “I don’t see how this will go in,” it probably won’t.

Can’t wait for Monday to roll around. I hope it isn’t raining too hard.

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