Hit the Golf Ball Easy

Well, it really should be an adverb, easily, but you get the point. There’s no need to pound the ball, no need to launch it. Smooth and sweet works every time. I know. I found out for sure yesterday.

I’ve been practicing different shot shapes, and one of them is to hit the ball on a low trajectory. This will help the ball get through wind. My ball striking at the range yesterday was pretty inconsistent, to be honest, going through my bag just hitting whitebread shots. When I got to the low shots part of the session, everything changed. Every shot was hit flush, went straighter, and believe it or not, went farther. Why?

Because to hit a low shot you don’t want to hit it as hard. Hitting the ball hard adds backspin, making it rise up higher. So to keep the ball down, just don’t hit it as hard. You don’t need to make that much of a turn away from the ball, either, at least, not like you’re cranking up as much as you can. Just get the club back into a hitting area and swing back through the ball. That simple, and oh, so much more effective.

I know you’ve all heard it before, not to overswing. But do you pay heed? Remember that the only time clubhead speed counts is when the clubhead meets the ball. It doesn’t matter a bit on the backswing. It doesn’t matter a bit when you start the club down.

Here’s the secret. If you don’t rush things, speed will build up by itself and will be all the speed you need at the time you need it. You’ll stay relaxed, tension-free, and get everything you can out of your stroke.

The pros hit the ball hard, yes they do. But they’re insanely gifted golfers, highly trained, strong, flexible and so forth. You’re not. I would like to swing at the ball like Bubba Watson does, but I can’t. He’s to be enjoyed, but not to be made my model.

If you would take a 5-iron and swing it like you were warming up with a 9-iron, you would probably hit the finest 5-iron you were capable of. That 5-iron is designed to do a job. Don’t get confused over what hits the ball. The 5-iron hits the ball, not you. Just put the club into the position where it can do its job and you’ll be fine.

Hit it easy.

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