It’s Doubt That Gets You on the Golf Course

Take an practice swing. Easy, right? No worries, day at the office, do it in your sleep. You feel pretty good about it. But when you step up to the ball, things change. You begin to wonder if you can pull off this shot. If something will go wrong with your swing and you’ll hit it right/left/thin/fat/hook/slice/top . . . It’s a wonder you can even move the club.

There was no doubt in your mind when you took that practice swing, was there? You were so free of doubt that doubt didn’t even exist! So there’s no reason for doubt to show up when you stand up to the ball. Your mind is free and you are in control of it. It will do whatever you tell it to do. You can tell your mind to keep doing what it’s doing, or you can let your worries take charge. Your choice.

Swing at the ball with the same doubt-free mind you used when you swung at the air. There’s no one saying otherwise except you. Teaching yourself to stay calm and even is as important as any technical skill you will ever learn. Probably more important.

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